Door, Window, and Skylight Repair

Having foggy windows does not mean that your windows are bad. It might just mean that the double pane unit inside needs replaced. Most of the time, window frames still have lots of life left even when the insulated glass has lost its hermetic seal. By replacing the glass, you not only get windows that are more efficient and stop heat loss and gain, you can see through them again, all for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window!

We are also happy to help with many other repairs. If a windstorm, burglar, or even your pesky neighbor manage to shatter your windows or slider, we offer same day coverage to get the hole fixed and replacement parts on the way as soon as possible. Squeaky misaligned shower door, screen that just doesn’t fit? We are happy to help and offer free in-home estimates on all replacement and repair projects.

There is no disaster too big or small for us to handle. We can fix windows and doors that are hard to open and close, we can fix any type of broken glass, and we understand that if there is an emergency, we will address it in a timely manner.

Custom Glass Projects

We can handle a wide variety of custom glass projects including but not limited to glass table tops and glass shelving. Do you have a custom home project in mind? Call us today for a free estimate. We will provide a list of the best options available and our selection of glass is sure to stimulate your creativity.